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See your energy production in realtime with online energy production and weather forecast

A solar panel installation company places an UppBox (approx 15cm) and an Upp censor (about the size of a match box) in your meter box. The UppBox captures your data and speaks wirelessly to the Upp Energy server which stores the information for you to access.

If you have a smart meter you can also measure your energy consumption with Upp. Track your consumption of energy and see if/when you consume energy or when you feed back to the grid.

You become a member of the Upp Community by signing up on our website. You can then see total amount of energy being produced by your solar panels.

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Frequently asked questions

Schematic overview of the Upp solution

A solar or PV (Photo-Voltaic) is a panel that converts sunlight directly into electricity.Produced energy is delivered to the inverter in Direct Current (DC).A modern solarpanel generates energy even when there's little light and will produce more energy as sunpower increases.

The direct current (DC) from the solar panels comes in at different power rates (depending on sunpower) and is inverted into 230V / 50 Hz Alternate current (AC) which is suitable to be connected to the power grid.

The Upp Sensor is placed between the inverter and the powerbox and measures constantly how much current is delivered to the grid. Measurements are send to the UppBox wirelessly.

Produced power flows via the inverter to the powerbox. The power used for own consumption if applicable. What's not used flows automatically to the utility company. This power is usually compensated against purchase price.

The UppBox collects all measurements form the Upp Sensor(s) and transmits these to Upp Energy. The UppBox is connected to the internet using a default UPT cable (RJ-45).The UppBox can be equiped with a GSM module for sending measurements in locations where no internet connection is available.

Attach the UppBox to the internet via a router, switch/hub or directly to a cable/adsl modem.

Upp Energy receives the measurements for all UppBoxes. This data is processed to be made available in many ways. It also performs a number of checks to make sure that your solar installation is performing optimal.

Log in on www.uppenergy.com to gain insights in the overall performance and statistics of your solar panel installation.

Download the Upp App and gain live insights on your solar panel installation performance anywhere, anytime.